“Rebuilding Your Mind” Health & Wellness Seminar 9/6/20

Health & Wellness Seminar on Mental Health for Black Men with
Dr. Calvin Kelly, Ph.D., LPC

“Rebuilding Your Mind” is a conversation about mental health for B.I.POC. men (black, indigenous, people of color) and their families. In this Zoom seminar, we seek to expand the health and wellness series with an emphasis on de-stigmatizing mental illness for Black men, African American youth, and the women who love them.

COVID19 has only intensified the mental/emotional instability that we brought into the pandemic as well as created new problems resulting from the crisis. Since we also know that BIPOC are less likely to seek help for their mental health issues, Commissioned Ministries has partnered with other churches and ministries to create a space to renew and rebuild the minds of our brothers.
This discussion will be led by Dr. Calvin Kelly, Ph.D., LPC who is a certified clinical trauma professional. As a black man himself, Dr. Kelly actively seeks out opportunities in the black community to change the narrative around mental and encourage his peers to seek self-care.

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