Mothers of Men: Transitioning from Boys to Men 10/24/20

This is a conversation between mothers of men (M.O.M.s) about when to let go.

A tale of two adults. We are both are adults but we have different depths of adulthood. We have raised them, but have we prepared them? We taught them right from wrong but not to be critical thinkers. “Mothers of Men” will be a conversation between M.O.M.s about the difficulties of transitioning our relationships with them from boys to men. How do you know when to help and when to to let go? As we dive deeper, we’ll also reflect on our own parental shortcomings with our sons in the hopes of evolving our relationships and helping young mothers of sons to not make the same mistakes.

This is a virtual event that will take place as a Facebook Watch Party. So save the date and invite another M.O.M.! You can view the whole discusion by following this link!

Mothers of Men Panelists (left to right): Jonafa Banbury, La Donna Jones-Pratt, Judy Simpson, Rhonda Nixon

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  1. Looking forward to this. I have struggled in this area and succeeded and struggled failed. Always looking for insight!

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