The Fix: A Look at the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

I am not a published theological scholar.  I do like to read and study the bible and theological writings.  What I am about to share with you will not change your salvation.  It is my hope that it will give you a new perspective.  I will teach about how Jesus fixed our sin problem and the world fixed the time of Easter.

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Dunbar Heritage Association: Hair Police Report

This document is a resource meant to accompany the Dunbar Heritage Association’s Black History Month discussion on black hair.  It includes sources used within the presentation and provides additional information not introduced at the event.  While it is not an exhaustive history of the discrimination against black bodies and hair in the U.S., it does demonstrate the longstanding racist and harmful attitudes, policies, laws, and sanctions used to penalize blackness. 

Mechanical Ventilation

Breathing. It is an autonomic function of the body. Yes, I looked it up. I breathe without having to consciously tell my body to do it.

On November 16, 2018, my conscious was sedated while a surgeon operated in my airway. The origin of the problem is unknown, but it is recurrent and incurable. It’s another circumstance under which I was born. It is not a consequence of bad judgement from my past. Just like kidney failure is not. It is simply something that I live with.

This time, living with it was difficult. My breathing was labored. I could not talk long without getting dizzy. My blood pressure seemed to drop as I ran out of breath. I could not walk at any pace without losing my breath. I coughed throughout the day. I don’t have COPD, but I think that I may now understand what it feels like. Continue reading “Mechanical Ventilation”

Can the Church Say #MeToo? Part 2


The #metoo movement is rolling full steam ahead. By the close of 2018, we saw the conviction of Bill Cosby, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, and many more accusations of high profile men. It would seem in 2019, that the #metoo movement will not loose momentum any time soon as evidenced by the Lifetime “Surviving R. Kelley” documentary. Continue reading “Can the Church Say #MeToo? Part 2”

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